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Financial Reports

As stated in Article 19 of the internal regulations, an annual financial report has been drawn up by an accountant. The report can be viewed by appointment at the treasurer's home, no photos or copies of the accounts may be made. The report will be presented to the members present at the next GMM.

Rules of Procedure Article 19: The members of the cash control committee and the appeals committee are appointed by the general meeting of members. The cash control committee consists of two members. The appeals committee consists of three members. The members of these committees are requested during the general members' meeting. The cash audit committee can be replaced by an official accountant's statement regarding the figures for a relevant financial year.

Results Survey

The people behind the NSvT

Leonoor van Leeuwen van Dongen(Chairman)
Chantal Ordelman (treasurer)

Eveline Esser (Secretary)
Dineke Veurink (Algemeen bestuurslid - VZ Fokkerij)

Nadine de Jong (stelt zich verkiesbaar – algemeen bestuurslid – Marketing)

Financial Committee

Chantal Ordelman, Marlien Hageman, Rudy Asbroek

Breeding Committee
Roel den Burger, Rudy Asbroek, Henriet van Lenthe. Nancy Pleune, Cindy Melching

Henk-Jan van der Bijl
Lei Linders
Bert Collet
Els de Wijs
Jan Claes
Lead the Ruyter
Jolanda Kivits – Guesses
Natalie Karssing
Laura Prins
Johnny Jans

Studbook consultant
Leen Huber
Rudy Asbroek
Henk and Ellen Janssen
Ilse Niesing
Cindy Melching


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