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NSvT Studbook office:
0616073265 (whatsapp only)
E-mail: nsvtkantoor@gmail.com  (also for canceling membership)

Does your horse have an NSvT Passport but is not a tinker and if you have any questions about this, please contact the consultant in question; 

Passport consultants I&R (neutral passports, so not for Tinkers):

Ilse Niesing +31614200344 – (please within office hours)

Anouk Verlouw +31646766897 – If there is no answer, please Whatsapp

PSSM & Other Genetic Testing:
E-mail: nsvtpssm@gmail.com

Inspections :
E-mail: nsvtkeuren@gmail.com

Passport consultants NSvT (Tinker) Passports:
E-mail: nsvtpaspoorten@gmail.com

If you have any questions about passports, please send an email to nsvtpaspoorten@gmail.com

  • Chip consultants:
    Irish Tinker Stable (North) – +31621580913

  • Ilse Niesing (South/Center) +31614200344

  • Leen Huber (Limburg) – +32475203245

  • Rudy Asbroek (east) – +31614734806

E-mail: nsvtfinancieel2@gmail.com

E-mail: nsvtklachten@gmail.com

Breeding Committee (INACTIVE):
E-mail: Commissionfokkerijnsvt@gmail.com

Members' Committee (INACTIVE);
E-mail: nsvtledencommissie@gmail.com

Address data Studbook office:
Whintontlaan 200
3526 KV Utrecht 

Bank account NSvT
Dutch Studbook for Tinkers (written in full)

IBAN number: NL53RABO0183608461

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Dutch Studbook for Tinkers

Address data

E: nsvtkantoor@gmail.com 
Whintontlaan 200
3526 KV Utrecht 

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