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Birth notification

You can use this form to report your foal born. This applies to;

Studbook foals (HB1), Register foals (HB2), General Book Tinker Foals, no parents known (ABT) as crosses (ABK).

Pay attention:

Birth notification must be received within 28 days AFTER date of birth. If not, we are forced to charge an additional administration fee of € 37.50

If the notification is made a calendar year later, the additional administration costs are € 85

If you originally choose an inspection but later in the season change this to home admission, you will receive an additional invoice of € 20.00. This must be paid before the passport is sent.

If you originally opt for a home recording, but subsequently change to participation in the inspection, you will receive a refund of €20.00, if no additional costs apply for the inspection (stable rental and/or handler), this will be settled.

Total: € -

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